John Williamson M.P.

John Williamson M.P.

John was elected to the House of Commons in May 2011 and represents New Brunswick Southwest. He is currently a member of the National Defence Committee as well as the Official Languages Committee.

John Williamson is getting results for New Brunswick Southwest!

Editorial: The world calls and Canada answers fast

The superb training of our military is the secret behind their speed, a fact we think is well illustrated by New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson, who spoke of arriving home to find his wife, Lt.-Cmdr. Kelly Williamson of the Royal Canadian Navy, was already on her way.

"I could see the disaster unfolding and I'm aware that when these situations happen," said Mr. Williamson in an interview Monday, "speed is important. Still, I did not expect to return to Ottawa on Sunday evening and find a hungry dog and an empty apartment. And they can be deployed for up to two months.

"So I am not really sure when I will see Kelly again. But having said that, I am so proud of the work that she and members of the unit are doing. These are the people who make Canada proud."

Mr. Speaker, I recently applied for a credit card from a major financial institution I do banking with. I am appalled at the depth and scope of the questions I was asked by one of the country's leading banks. Particularly, I was told my information could be shared with any of its other business operations. The banks are simply asking and, obviously, collecting too much information from Canadians, right down to the amount I pay for rent, my building fee, and even the liquidation value of my 2007 F-150.

Respect is a two way street and Canadians are entitled to it when dealing with our banks. If my treatment is typical, and I certainly hope it is not, then we are not getting that respect. We all have credit trouble at some point in our lives, so what was equally egregious is being told the card's interest rate at 20% rises to 25% if a payment is missed by the due date. When the prime lending rate is at 3%, this is near extortion on working families and makes payday loans look like a giveaway.

New Brunswick soldiers provide aid in Nepal

Kelly Williamson, wife of MP, part of team heading to quake-ravaged country.

Canada has stepped up its response to earthquake-ravaged Nepal by dispatching advance elements of its highly specialized disaster assistance response team – DART – including members from New Brunswick.

Among those already en route to Nepal is Lt.-Cmdr. Kelly Williamson of the Royal Canadian Navy, the wife of New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson.

“She has a public affairs role and is one of the senior officers sent forward to help assess the situation on the ground and to make recommendations on what any next steps for the DART may look like,” the Conservative MP said in an interview on Monday.

“Once on the ground, she and her colleagues will conduct a needs assessment by liaising with other response and assistance teams, NGOs and local officials in the affected area.”

Proud of my wife LCdr Kelly Williamson and all Armed Forces DART members en route to Nepal, ready to serve.

Mr. Speaker, Canadians are ready to respond to the disastrous earthquake that struck Nepal in northern India this weekend. The loss of life and the ensuing humanitarian crisis are unimaginable. I know that all members of this House will extend their deepest sympathies to all those affected.

Canada is always at the forefront when it comes to those in need. Can the Minister of Foreign Affairs please update the House on the actions our government is taking to respond to this natural disaster?

MP calls for clarity on HST

John Williamson, the Conservative MP for New Brunswick Southwest, said in a statement in the House of Commons on Thursday Premier Brian Gallant needs to "come clean" on plans for the HST in the province.

Williamson said there are reports that the provincial Liberals held off on hiking the sales tax in the recent budget in order not to damage the Liberal brand prior to the federal election. The Gallant government has not ruled out an HST increase.

Mr. Speaker, there are reports that federal and New Brunswick Liberals have made a backroom deal to raise the HST in my home province. According to one Globe & Mail columnist, the man who ran Premier Brian Gallant's election campaign, the Liberal MP for Beausejour, did not want an HST increase lest it corrode the Liberal brand before the next election.

MLA Blaine Higgs, the respected former finance minister, has said the Gallant Liberals backed off raising taxes on working families to avoid hurting the federal Liberals. 

What are New Brunswick Liberals saying? Minister Rick Doucet has said additional tax increases have not been ruled out. Last month, Minister Victor Boudreau, with a straight face no less, released a report that said voters actually want an HST increase. 

Our Conservative government cut the HST by two points to help working families. I call on the premier to come clean and spell out his plans for the HST. Are Liberals going to raise taxes, yes or no? Voters deserve a clear answer before October 19.

Notwithstanding criticism from this newspaper, I’m pleased to report that I’ve hosted more than two dozen "Coffee with your MP" community meetings throughout our large federal riding in the past two years. These events help me do my job and better represent our community in Ottawa. Over the past two weeks, while Parliament was recessed, I held meetings in Gagetown, St. George, Grand Manan Island, St. Stephen, Hanwell and Tracy.

I haven’t hosted these meetings for journalists or to earn media coverage for myself but to hear directly from my constituents. The reason for keeping journalists out is because some constituents will not talk openly about personal difficulties if they worry a reporter might print their stories for all to read.

I am a politician and I can take the heat for things I say but these meetings are not about me. They’re to make sure I hear from my constituents to learn about their daily challenges so I can better represent them and our community.

St. Stephen family receives permission to stay in Canada

The Joyner family has been granted a two-year extension on their immigration visas to stay in St. Stephen.

"We are ecstatic at being able to continue to raise our kids in this wonderful community," said Karen. "We appreciate the support many members of the community have shown and the special attention and tireless support our family has received from the congregation and pastor of the Kirk McColl (United Church)."

Karen also said she wanted to thank New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson and his office staff for their efforts and involvement in helping secure the visa extensions for the family.

"I’ve got a great team in the office. They actually understand the bowels of the departments and bureaucracy better than I do. They work on the tough files; I work on the impossible files. Together we are a fantastic team."

MPs sought input from community for federal legislation

Anti-terrorism laws, determining the tools police officers need to effectively do their jobs, victims’ rights and making sure life sentences means life in prison for first degree murder were among the topics discussed during a round table meeting between two New Brunswick MPs with community stakeholders on legislation currently before Parliament.

Leading the discussions held in the Moosehead Room in the Garcelon Civic Center were New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson and Rob Moore, the regional minister for New Brunswick and Minister of State for ACOA. The two presented information to community leaders from throughout the county on measures the federal government was taking to protect Canadians and keep communities safe.

Both agreed the round table discussions helped provide an idea of what constituents think, information which helps them as they contemplate and draft justice legislation.